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Welcome to my Author's Site!

Thanks for checking my page out. A little about me if you don't already know who I am. My name is Chad Stambaugh and I'm an Author.  I'm also a retired Marines of 20 yrs.  How and why did I become a writer you ask? Well, let me tell you about my back ground.

I grew up in an (until I was 12 yrs old) abusive household with a drunk step-father and a mother who looked the other way when things happened.  Why do I bring this terrible aspect of my early childhood? Because when things were going bad, I used to go into my head and create whole new worlds that would take me away from what was going on.  In these worlds, I was always the hero and I'd save other children from abuse.  

When I joined the Marine Corps, I kind of let that world behind, although I'd still dabble here and there with short stories. Now, that I'm in my 'Golden Years' and I have time on my hands, I can now start putting some of those stories down on actual paper.  So, Please check out my books and enjoy the crazy things that my head comes up with.

Coming January, 2019




Contagion is book one of a Trilogy. 

When a disease cannot be defeated, it must be contained. A father learns his daughter has caught the deadly contagion virus. It's only a matter of time before the CDC finds out and erases the family from society forever.
Vincent Gallo and his family watch in horror as their neighbors are "contained" by the CDC after their child is discovered to be infected with The Contagion. 
Reeling from the trauma and horror of what happened to their neighbors, Vincent's oldest daughter, Alegra, now shows the marks of the virus. Now the Gallo's must decide whether they can keep their daughter's infection hidden from the watchful eyes of the CDC and a fearful population, or take their chances and run. 


Book Two of the Contagion Series

Vincent Gallo watched as his wife and children sailed away to safety under the protection of his old smuggling friend. With the help of a mysterious cyber-presence known only as "Orpheus," he must now find a way to locate and rescue his oldest daughter, Alegra, contained by the CDC as they were on the brink of escaping as a family, and rushed off to carry out her life sentence in a containment facility. 
Without knowing whether or not her family made it out of the country alive and well, Alegra must adapt to life inside the CDC containment facility. Having never lived on her own, she is now forced to grow up quickly, and learn to protect herself in a place where people from all walks of life are thrown together against their will; both the good, and the bad. 
Bianca Gallo boarded the boat for Russia knowing that she would be sailing away without her oldest daughter, then, at the last minute, finds that her husband would be staying behind, as well. Left to the care of Anatoly, a friend from Vincent's mysterious past, she must find a way to survive in a foreign land, and protect her children while learning to trust a man she barely knows. 
Detainment is the second volume of the three-part Contagion series, following the exciting story of a family fighting to survive.

The Devil Within

Charlie and his uncle run a mountain retreat for troubled teens called outcasts. What seems like a normal everyday detention center, is more than what the eye can see, as Charlie approaches his eighteenth birthday, strange things start to happen to him and he begins to find some interesting and horrific secrets about not only himself but also about his family heritage. Mix in a teenage romance between Charlie and one of the female outcast. Add some mysterious and dangerous adventures and nothing will be the same again before this story is finished. This is an epic adventure that you won't want to put down.

Beyond The Veil

WINNER OF THE NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR AT THE 2015 Paranormal Awards. Many Evangelical and Fundamental Christian writers (I would call them theologians but with many it is quite evident that they have not had training in Biblical Scholarship past Sunday morning Bible School) claim that the popular concept of a ghost and spectral hauntings are unbiblical. Many Catholic theologians would agree with this view. But in the whole of Christianity, these beliefs vary quite broadly. Christian cynics condemn ghost hunters by supposedly relying upon scripture in the Old Testament. They use Leviticus 19:31, that according to Christian critics reads as follows; “Do not resort to ghost and spirits, nor make yourselves unclean by seeking them out. I am the Lord your God.” Christian critics also quote Lev. 20:6, which the quote as; “I will set my face against the man who wantonly resorts to ghost and spirits, and I will cut that person off from his people.”